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ONE VERANDAH apartment for rent with Best price is updated with a variety of bedroom types from 1PN, 2PN, 3PN, Duplex, Shophouse at . With One Verandah facilities for rent of 5-star standard: Gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi, balcony, elevator, BBQ, tennis, meditation garden, library, living room, 24/7 security. And surrounding facilities: People’s Committee of District 2, Kindergarten, Schools 1 – 2, International School, Coop Mart supermarket, Genshai supermarket, riverside walkway, cafe, pet shop.

👉 Price list of One Verandah apartment for rent (Latest update 2021):
+ Rent for 1 bedroom One Verandah (56m2 – 58m2).
– Full beautiful furniture: 13 million – 15 million / month.
– NTCB investor: 10 million – 12 million / month (curtains, kitchen, air conditioner, wardrobe…).
+ Rent for 2 bedrooms One Verandah (79m2 – 82m2).
– Full beautiful furniture: 15 million – 20 million / month.
– NTCB investor: 12 million – 15 million / month (curtains, kitchen, air conditioner, wardrobe…).
+ Rent for 3 bedrooms One Verandah (104m2 – 108m2 – 111m2).
– Full beautiful furniture: 23 million – 26 million / month.
– NTCB investor: 20 million – 22 million / month (curtains, kitchen, air conditioner, wardrobe…).
+ Shophouse One Verandah rental price (82m2 – 150m2) – rough handover.
– Area (82m2 – 90m2): From 35 million to 50 million/month.
– Area (100m2 – 150m2): From 60 million to 100 million/month.

👉 Location One Vernadah apartment for rent is located right on the last riverside of Thanh My Loi area, District 2. Easy to connect to the Center of District 1, District 2 and surrounding areas in just a few minutes. Connecting cars through Thoi Dai bridge connecting Mai Chi Tho Boulevard & Thanh My Loi area. Open a new traffic direction that is safer for drivers of personal vehicles.
* 7 minutes connecting to Thu Thiem Tunnel.
* 5 minutes connecting An Phu An Khanh residential area.
* 5 minutes connecting Cat Lai residential area.
* 7 minutes connecting Phu My bridge.
* 15 minutes to the center of District 7.
* 20 minutes to Tan Son Nhat airport.
* International schools: Australian International School, Ho Chi Minh City International School, British International School
* Shopping and entertainment: Parkson An Phu, Lotte Cinema, Metro Supermarket, Vincom Mega Mall
In the list of apartments in District 2 – Thu Duc City, you can consider choosing to rent One Verandah Mapletree apartment with the following advantages:
– Convenient for you to work or study in District 2 – Thu Duc City and related areas.
– No financial pressure when owning real estate but still enjoy the internal and external facilities when renting One Verandah Mapletree apartment.
The demand for apartment rental One Verandah Mapletree is being sought more and more, especially among young families, students sharing or from young people who are starting a business.

👉 When Renting One Verandah Mapletree apartment, you need to pay attention to the following factors before making a rental contract:
– Check the electricity, water, fire protection system of the apartment.
– Check the security system and people in the apartment area, the problem of handling grace of the One Verandah Mapletree apartment is good.
– You can also check by going to the apartment at various times of the day to know the direction of the apartment’s early and late afternoon sunlight. Do the surrounding residents have noisy activities or do factories and enterprises have polluting activities?
– Verify the owner of One Verandah Mapletree apartment for rent: use identification documents such as identity card, apartment ownership certificate, apartment purchase and sale contract. If you are the second owner (the one with the right to sublet), you will need a contract with the main landlord, find out if there is a contract that prohibits subletting.
+ Management & Parking Fee:
1 bedroom: 1,200,000 VND.
2 bedrooms: 1,600,000 VND.
3 bedrooms: 1,800,000 VND.
Parking motorbike: 150,000 VND / car: 1,600,000 VND / car.

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